Information on practical training for students of the Department of Economics and Management

Depending on what course the student is studying at, the practice at the university can be of several types: educational, educational, educational, industrial, etc. At the same time, the main goal of the practice is to ensure the continuity and sequence of students mastering professional activities. The terms of the practice are set in accordance with the curriculum and the academic calendar, taking into account the capabilities of the educational and production base of the university and organizations-bases of practice and the level of theoretical preparedness of students.

Before practice, the student is required to receive from the appropriate department: the program, direction, work schedule of the student, a diary report on the passage of professional practice; recommendations and advice on the practice process.

Students sent to organizations that are the basis of practice cannot change the place of practice after the issuance of an order at the university. On a mandatory basis, students should receive directions for practice signed by the dean and the seal of the faculty.

Based on the results of all types of practice, students submit to the appropriate department a diary report on the passage of professional practice and a report that is checked by the head of practice and defended before the commission created by order of the head of the department. Report protection results are evaluated by differentiated classification according to the established point-rating letter system of ratings. Protection of practice reports is carried out according to the schedules with the protocol

Information for internship at KPO

Documents are accepted until October 01 and February 01 of each academic year (list of specialties and application form are attached).

List of necessary documents for practical training:

1. General list of candidates for practice(form attached)

2. The application of the student with photo -3*4 (form attached)

3. Copy of student ID card

4. Transcript / copy of the record book

5. Student practice plan

And also it is necessary to explain to students about conditions of practical training in KPO:

1.Practice is not paid.

2.Accommodation for the period of practice is not provided.

3.Travel to / from Aksai is not refundable

4.Food (lunch), those who are on the field.

5.Delivery to / from the workplace during the practice period is carried out by KPO transport.

Invited to practice students must have an identity card and medical certificate (086 / Y).

These documents should be submitted to the career Department.