Department of jurisprudence

The department was founded in 1997 in connection with the opening of the specialty "Jurisprudence" at the Faculty of History and Law. Since 1999, the Department of Legal Disciplines has been reorganized and divided into the Department of State and Legal Disciplines and the Department of Special Legal Disciplines. In 2003, the Department of State Legal Disciplines was named the “Department of Theory and History of State and Law”, the Department of Civil Law and Office Work and the Department of Criminal Law and Procedure were separated from the Department of Special Legal Disciplines.
Since 2005, the Department of Theory and History of State and Law has been renamed the Department of History and Theory of State and Law and Constitutional Law, depending on the needs of the specialty. In 2008, all three departments were merged on the recommendation of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and since June 2008 the Department of Legal Disciplines was established. Since 2010, it is called the Department of "Legal Disciplines".
In the West Kazakhstan State University. Utemisov, founded in 1998 with a degree in law, graduated from more than 3,000 graduates. Most of them are employed in the specialty service. The scope of activities of graduates includes positions in government and commercial structures, law enforcement agencies.
Currently, the department has 19 full-time and 3 additional employees. Of these, 1 doctor of science, 7 candidates of science, 8 masters. The department operates a scientific - methodical council, educational work, the scientific circle "Business and Law", the Legal Clinic, the forensic study. At the beginning of the school year, the Department operates according to the approved plan of the university administration.
On the material and technical base of the department there is a study room "Forensic science". The funds of the study room include a computer, a criminal suitcase, television, a video recorder, a video library of special educational films used for conducting classes (in criminalistics and criminal procedure), visual tables and charts (criminalistic albums, educational criminal cases, characterization of the appearance of a person and others). The reading room of the court session is equipped with the necessary attributes for conducting trials (judge's mantle, special forms, etc.). The department provides training in the following areas:
6B042- "Right", 6B01088- "Fundamentals of law and economics."

The mission of the department of legal disciplines: the preservation of traditions as one of the oldest universities in Kazakhstan based on the Eurasian ideas of national harmony and intercultural dialogue, which allows you to become a regional center for the modernization of WKSU them. M. Utemisov. Training of highly qualified specialists using advanced technologies and modern educational infrastructure in the collection and dissemination of humanitarian, natural science and technical knowledge.
The purpose of the department: Implementation of activities in the field of higher and postgraduate education based on the integration of science, education and production, capable of providing quality education and sustainable development of the university.
Department tasks:
1. Continuous improvement of the quality management system at the department that meets the requirements of the international quality of education.
2. Satisfying the expected demand and need for competitive legal professionals.
3. Creating an innovative environment corresponding to real innovation in the field of science and technology.
4. Conducting research, commercialization and implementation of their results in education.
5. Participation in international educational and scientific projects and multilingual development to enhance the prestige of the department.
6. Informatization of education - electronic document circulation. Development of interactive content in education, preparation of software products for the organization, monitoring and support of the educational process.