Department of World history and socio-political subjects

Goals and objectives of the Department for the current academic year


Implementation of educational and methodical, research, educational activities in the field of higher and postgraduate education on the basis of science, education and industrial integration, providing high quality education and sustainable development of the University.


– Improving the activities of the University by creating organizational –regulatory, personnel, information and methodological and other conditions for the integration of learning and education.;

- Informatization of education and introduction of new learning technologies;

-Integration into the world scientific and educational space, participation in international organizations and associations;

- Development of the system of corporate governance and social partnership, diversification of funding for universities;

- Three-level system of higher education;

- Academic mobility of students and teachers;

- Quality control of higher education;

- European system of assessments, credits, diploma supplements;

- Active involvement of students in the creation of educational programs, the organization of the educational process, social work;

1.2. List of specialties and areas of training

The Department of world history and socio – political disciplines trains specialists (bachelors) in the following specialties: 5B020200 "international relations", 5B050500 "regional studies", 5B050100 "sociology". Training is conducted in all specialties in full-time form in the state and Russian languages, in the second higher education in "international relations" by correspondence. The work of the Department is conducted in accordance with the curriculum, scientific and educational work of wksu. The teaching staff corresponds to the staffing. The number of students allows you to prepare specialty 5В020200 international relations, 5В050500 "regional studies", 5В050100 "sociology".